Owner’s Guide

Living within a condominium association is, in many ways, different from a stand-alone home. We have a shared ownership and responsibility to live in a cooperative environment. Unit owners are encouraged to attend the annual PRCA Owner’s Meeting. This guide provides you with some of the regulations/restrictions that are in effect. It will also include recommendations. We encourage all owners to read the association documents which can be on this site. Additional documents and amendments are available at the Salem Deeds website. Links to specific
documents at the Salem Deeds website are listed at the end of this document.
You may also email L&M Properties at  [email protected] to request any or all of the documents. Important notes are summarized below:

You own and are financially responsible for everything within the exterior walls. This includes, but is not limited to, repair and replacement costs for windows, interior and exterior doors, and garage door. Any Renovations/Repairs in excess of $1,000 or any work that may impact the
exterior of the building or is structural in nature, must be reported to the Board of Trustees via management prior to start of any work. Additionally, all work must comply with the architectural guidelines in force. Any work that affects the exterior of the Unit must be coordinated with and approved by the Board through Management. The Trust is responsible for siding, trim, repairing and replacing decks, front stoops, roof, gutters, exterior chimney, driveways, and walkways. Owners may not change or add to exterior structures without prior written approval by the Board of Trustees. They may not paint without permission and without using Parker Ridge approved colors. However, owners are responsible for yearly maintenance of their decks, i.e. shoveling snow in winter and cleaning in spring.

The Trust also maintains ownership of all grounds. This includes the planting beds that surround your unit, in front, near the walkway, and in back. Climbing vines along siding are not allowed and will be removed. Pergola posts must also be kept clear. Roses should be supported by free standing trellises. Owners may not remove or add shrubs or other plantings without submission of a design plan to the Board of Trustees in consultation with Parker Ridge’s landscape architect and/or landscaper. Annuals are allowed and must be maintained by the unit owner.
The land behind the ridge units, while owned by PRCA, is under the management of the Newburyport Conservation Commission. No cutting, trimming or dumping of any kind is allowed.

Exterior door locks may not be changed without coordination with L&M as a master key system to all units for use in emergencies required by the condominium documents. There is no master key for the mailboxes.
The management company will schedule required (for insurance purposes) bi-annual dryer vent cleaning. The cost is the responsibility of the unit owner.
The management will schedule annual exterior foundation ant treatment.
Neither gas nor electric grills are allowed on the decks. Grilling may be done on the driveway. Be sure to keep grills away from under the pergolas.
Guest parking is available near the gate on the East side and near the entryway on the West side. This is to be used for guests who are visiting. Owners may not use these areas for extended periods. There is no parking around the central circles as this impedes emergency vehicles. The
unit’s driveway is for personal/guest motor vehicles only.
PRCA maintains a master insurance policy. This policy is an “all-in” policy, covering the Common areas, and covers the interior of units, excluding personal property or any unattached rugs, etc. Owners are responsible for acquiring and maintaining their own insurance for the deductible (currently $10,000 for general perils and $10,000 per unit for water damage), personal property and a small amount of dwelling coverage. The insurance amendment provides more information. You may contact management for questions regarding coverage.

Bird feeders allowed not allowed at the fronts of any units. No food and/or seeds should be left on the ground at all! There are seeds that will attract birds but are not attractive to gray squirrels or other mammals. Due to increasing problems with squirrels and other animals the
Board is requiring that only the following seeds can be used at all. The first is safflower seed. Safflower is typically a white seed about the size of the “black oil” sunflower seed. Safflower seed works well in sunflower tube feeders. A golden-colored variety of safflower (brand name Nutrasaff) attracts a lot of birds, but not squirrels. Nutrasaff attracts Northern Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Black-capped Chickadee, House Finch, Blue Jay, American Goldfinch, White-breaster Nuthatch, and other species. Another seed that is very beneficial for birds, but is ignored by squirrels, is Nyjer seed. Nyjer is a tiny black seed often referred to as “thistle” seed. It ‘s not thistle and is not a weed problem. Nyjer
is very good for House Finch, American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee, and Tufted Titmouse. One can use a “sock” – a woven bag available at nature shops – or a tube feeder with tiny holes designed for the purpose. Large feeders with a tray that closes when a squirrel lands on it can be effective.

It is recommended that Unit owners have fire extinguishers available in the garage, kitchen, and near the bedroom(s). In addition to the ceiling fire alarms, low-level plug-in Carbon Monoxide sensors are required. The ceiling fire alarms and low-level carbon monoxide sensor alarms should have their backup batteries replaced annually. Any alarms over ten years old should be replaced. All alarms should be tested regularly. An electrician should do any wired-in alarm replacements.z

• Dates and length of departure
• Contact address and phone number while gone
• Contact address and name of person checking unit
If you are gone during the winter, there are numerous steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes. Contact L&M Property Management for detailed step-by-step recommendations

Master Deed
https://salemdeeds.com/salemdeeds/ImageDetail.aspx?stype=recdoc&machine=&year=1989&month=8&day=23&docnum stype=recdoc&machine=&year=1989&month=8&day=23&docnum=376&seqnum=%20&book=10122&page=546&clearpostback=true

Declaration of Trust

Trustee Terms Amendment

Insurance Resolution

Rental Amendment