Landscaping Information

The Board wants to clarify for all owners that all common areas are under the control of the Board as stated in the Master Deed, section 5, subsection v, “… all land areas, lawns, landscaping, patios, balconies, decks, parking areas, walkways and driveways…” This includes all area contiguous to each unit. In the Declaration of Trust the duties of the trustees are described in article V, section 5.1, subsection xiv, “manage, maintain, repair…common areas and facilities…” and section 5.3 describes … “The trustees shall be responsible for the proper maintenance, repair and replacement of the Common Areas and Facilities of the Condominium…”

Note that the landscape rule and regulation reads as follows:

“Landscaping: No unit owner may install or have installed any plant or vine that will climb on a wooden common element (pergolas, siding, posts, etc.). No additions, replacements, or alterations to any planting area may be made by a unit owner without the prior written approval by the Board of Trustees. However, owners may plant flowers (annuals or perennials) in planting areas adjacent to the foundation, those pre-existing planting beds of their unit, without prior approval. Such plantings must be maintained by the owner. All other plantings will be maintained by landscapers hired by the Association. NOTE: The Association landscapers have been instructed to respond only to the directions by the Board or Management. If an owner has landscaping problems they should contact management.”

The Board, however, recognizes that individual owners may, at times and for whatever reason, wish to replace a specific shrub with another.  It is very important that owners who wish to do so contact L&M early in the process since they will need to submit some paperwork for the Board to consider their request.