General Information

Condo Fees
Fees are due to L&M Properties by the 1st of each month.
The late charge is $50.

Trash collection is each Thursday except during holiday weeks when it is on Friday.
Barrels should be out by 7 A.M.
Recycling is every other week on the same day as trash pickup.
More information on trash and recycling may be found here on the CIty of Newburyport web site.

All front door lock although separately keyed must be keyed to the Master System so that management may have access during an emergency.  Locks that do not conform to this system will be replaced at the owner’s expense.

All firewood must be stored at least two feets away from unit structures.
Firewood should not be stored on decks.
Dry seasoned wood is best for discouraging insect infestation.

Grills are not allowed on decks.
Do not use grills under pergolas or near fences.

Parking Areas
Note that the small parking areas on the east and west sides are for the use of visitors.

Common Areas
All common areas are under control of the Board. The common area is described in the Master Deed, section 5, subsection v, as “… all land areas, lawns, landscaping, patios, balconies, decks, parking areas, walkways and driveways…” No changes, alterations, etc. can be done without the written permission of the Board. The Board reminds owners that all plantings on the common area around their units other than annual plantings must be approved by the Board.