Bulletin Board

Parker Ridge has its own “talking head.”  Mary Jacobsen is the host of a continuing and informative radio show introducing interesting people and books to the Newburyport community. “The Morning Show” on WJOP airs from 8 to 9 a.m. every Friday and can also be found at www.NCMHub.org; click on the PLAYLIST for “The Morning Show.” You can also find podcasts of past shows on the Sound Cloud by clicking on the cloud link on NCMHub.org  Mary’s topics range from history to animal rights.  Past guests have included  historian Anthony Guerrero  talking  about Thomas Jefferson’s influence on American cuisine (think ice cream! Parmesan cheese!), Vietnam veteran Wayne Burton discussing his war time memoir Wayne’s War, and Suzanne Dubus of the Geiger Center.  As Mary points out, “Newburyport is full of interested people doing creative things.”


Black Earth Composting is now providing weekly organic kitchen waste pick up service for home owners and condo owners in Newburyport.  Information is available at the following sites: https://www.cityofnewburyport.com/recycling-energy-resiliency-sustainability/pages/curbside-composting  and  https://blackearthcompost.com/newburyport-ma/


The Board is asking owners to leave their outside lights on overnight when there is snow forecast in order to help out the snow plowers and shovelers who often find themselves working in the dark.  Lighting their way would make their work easier!


Reminder to all dog owners: We ask all dog owners to please keep their pets off the grass and to pick up after the animal answers the call of nature.


Parking Reminder: The small parking areas on the east and west sides are designated as short-term visitor parking areas. They are not available for any long-term parking, i.e. weeklong vacations. Please be considerate of those owners who are having guests for a night or two.


Grills: Please be sure to remove your grill from near fences and from under your deck, garage, and pergolas when using it. Also be sure that you are adhering to the Newburyport Fire Safety regulations.


Common Areas: It is necessary to remind all unit owners once again that all common areas are under control of the Board. The common area is described in the Master Deed, section 5, subsection v, as “… all land areas, lawns, landscaping, patios, balconies, decks, parking areas, walkways and driveways…” NO changes, alterations, etc. can be done without the written permission of the Board.  The Board reminds owners that all plantings on the common area around their units other than annual plantings must be approved by the Board..


A note from Ron Doescher concerning garage door seals: “The bottom seal on our garage door was very worn and torn, resulting in water incursion under the door during wind-driven rain. I just replaced it with a new strip purchased at Home Depot (around $11.00).
The old strip takes some work to remove, mostly pulling the 1-1/4” galvanized roofing nails spaced every 4 inches. You will have to lower the door partially below the curved track to gain access. Once cleaned of the strip & nails I recommend sanding down the bottom of the door and priming the raw wood before installing the new strip. You may have to trim the outer lip of the rubber strip where the door frame seal butts up against it; lower the door all the way and mark the strip where the frame seal hits it, then raise the door and trim the rubber seal diagonally. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me (Unit#22).”


A Note to the Wise Re Water Heaters: Be aware that many of the unit water heaters may be coming to the end of their lifespan. Check out your water heater and, if necessary, consider replacing it before you have to deal with a burst heater and possible water damage.


Waste Materials:  Please be careful when disposing of waste material down the drains. Alarm and emergency lights went off on Sunday March 25th over the underground sewer pumps located by Unit 17. Rags were found within each of the two pumps stopping their ability to function. The rags were removed at a maintenance cost of $350. We were lucky that the system was not seriously damaged and our expense greater!